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Scheucher Parquet floor soap


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Size of trading unit: 1L

 Basic care and maintenance product  made of completely natural, gently saponified vegetable oils and balancing contents. 

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Parquet floor soap,
Plant oil soap made of natural raw material and biological tensides, pH- neutral

Field of use: liquid cleaning detergent for all types of wooden floors and floors made of stone, tiles, cork, linoleum or synthetic material.

Application: Shake well before use! Use around 50ml of plant soap in 6-8 litres of warm water for normal dirt. For heavily soiled floors increase up to max. 100ml. Wipe floor with cleaning solution using a well wrung out cloth. Please refer to our care and maintenance guide.

Attention: Do not use micro fibre pads for oiled wooden floors.

Content: 1 L

Consumption: around 50ml per 6-8 litres of water

Storage: Keep away from children! Store frost free.

Consumption: around 50ml per 6-8 litres of water
Working temperature: min. 15 °C at ground level
* At 20° C and 65 % relative humidity, depending on the type of floor covering and the absorbency of the substrate.
Manufacturer: Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH
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    Size of trading unit : 250ml; 750ml Care- Wax  Oil  Maintenance oil with wax for oiled wooden surfaces made from natural and modified plant oil and resins with matting agents, lead- and cobalt- and terpine free.

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