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Tarkett Wood Lacquer Refresher 1L


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Size of trading unit: 1L

For prefinished woodflooring. Cleans and protects laquered wood floors. 

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Tarkett Lacquer Refresher 

First, clean the floor with the vacuum cleaner or dray mop. If the floor has previously been treated with wax, clean with a agent for removing wax or polish. Note: shake the bottle of Lacquer Refresher well before use. Cover the floor with an even, thin layer of Lacquer Refresher using a very clean, damp microfiber mop: follow the directions of the wood grain. Use, the concentrated form, do not add any substances, do not dilute. Rub a little harder over dirty areas. Do not recoat surfaces that have stared on dray. If necessary, clean the mop in water during or after the treatment. Leave to dray for around 30minutes before using the floor. The lacquer Refresher is sensitive to moisture for the first two days after application. During this time, do not carry out any kind of cleaning that involves moisture.

Recommended use: 
  • Light wear, home 1-2 times a year
  • Moderate wear, office 1-2 times a quarter
  • Heavy wear, store 1-4 times a month

1 Litere covers approximately 65m2

pH 9.5

Consumption: approx. 1L /65m2
Ready for foot traffic/ can be skimmed over: after approx. 30-40min.
Manufacturer: Tarkett Germany

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