Oli Aqua Authentic 51.30 2C Parquet Sealer


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Size of trading unit:  5L + 0,5L hardener

Ultra-matt 2c water-based parquet sealer with a raw-wood-effekt. For heavy traffic parquet and wooden floors, indoor application.

Consumption: 3 roll-on applications with each 100-120 g/sqm per coat (8-10 sqm/l)

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OLI-AQUA AUTHENTIC 51.30 I Two-component parquet Sealer

Ultra-matt 2c water-based parquet sealer with a raw-wood-effekt. For heavy traffic parquet and wooden floors, indoor application.

  • For heavy traffic wooden floors
  • Natural structure and haptic
  • No changing of the original colour of the wood - as in raw state
  • Ultramatt optics - gloss level below 5%.
  • 3-coats full construction without primer with 100 g/sqm per coat 


With its low gloss level of less than 5 %, the new OLI-AQUA AUTHENTIC 51.30 creates extraordinary ultra matt effects without changing on the colour of the wood. The natural character of the wood is retained; the sealed floor appears almost untreated.

 The raw-wood-effect sealer can be used both in the private living area and in the commercial public area. Its lacquer hardness as well as its chemical and mechanical resistance are above average in the segment of professional raw wood or natural wood effect lacquers.

OLI-AQUA AUTHENTIC is primarily aimed at customers who want a film-forming seal and value an authentic appearance. Especially suitable for oak and light woods.

Oli Lacke Authentic 


Thanks to considerable progress in the field of aqueous polyurethane dispersions, it was possible to optimally integrate the matting agent into the molecular structure of the paint binder. The matting agent scatters the light so that the dull-matt effect is further enhanced. The two-component parquet sealant does not allow any visual or tactile recognition of a paint finish. It is also resistant to yellowing and much more scratch-resistant than many comparable parquet finishes.


For a clean future, the development of environmentally friendly surface protection products for the treatment of wood is particularly important to us.

 This is why our water-based parquet sealants are particularly environmentally friendly and building products approved by the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt). 

 They comply with the latest state of coating technology and environmental legislation, comply with DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys) and are saliva- and sweat-proof (DIN 53160).


Dust or loose dirt is simply removed with a broom, vacuum cleaner or dry mop.

 Sticky dirt can be removed quickly with the parquet wipe care »OLI-AQUA CARE 15.94«. Simply add some wipe care to the water, wipe the surface with a damp cloth and allow to dry - done.

 For initial care and for the refreshment, we recommend »OLI-AQUA POLISH 15.95« in "Matt", which is applied undiluted to the thoroughly cleaned floor with a wiping weasel or a wide mop in an even thin film.  

Consumption: 3 roll-on applications with each 100-120 g/sqm per coat
Working time: 3 H
Ready for load-bearing: 5-6 H
Final strenght: after 8-10 days
Manufacturer: Oli Lacke
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    Size of trading unit: 1L, 5L  OLI-AQUA POLISH 15.95 I Basic parquet care Initial care and reconditioning for water-proof sealed parquet floors and stairs made of wood and cork. Matt and Gloss.Consumption: 20-25 g/m² per application - 1 litre is sufficient for approx. 40-50 sqm.

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Handling instructions:

Optimum processing conditions are: +20°C and 50% relative humidity. Do not use at floor temperatures below +15°C. Apply material at room temperature and shake well before use! Mix OLI-AQUA AUTHENTIC 2c Parquet sealer 51.30 immediately before use at a ratio of 20:1 with OLI-AQUA hardener 13.2. Leave for 10 minutes before continuing. Pot life is 3 hours. Do not pour back excess material. Do not pour the material on the ground, apply directly out of the container. Please consult our technical department for the use on exotic woods! An intermediate sanding is indispensable if the intermediate drying time exceeds 12 h.  During processing, a milky veil develops in the wet phase, which disappears after complete drying. Only apply with a roller, do not apply with spatula. 


Surface preparation

  • Graded wood sanding with grit 80/100/120. The finer the sanding, the lesser the wood roughens.
  • The surface must be dry, thoroughly cleaned and free of oil, wax, grease, silicon and sanding dust.

Setup recommendations: 

  • Roll the lacquer/hardening mixture in sections uniformly thinly, approx. 100 g/sqm.
  • After 2-3 h drying, apply a second roll-on coat with 100 g/sqm.
  • After overnight drying, intermediate sanding with grit 120-150. Vacuum-cleaning. Then third roll-on coat with 100 g/sqm.
  • The floor may be used with care after 12-16 h. Floor is fully wear-resistant after 7 days.

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