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WAKOL Z 675 Levelling Compound


New product

Size of trading unit: 25kg

Levelling Compound - Wakol Z 675
- squeegee capable
- low chromate according to REACH
- self-leveling
- suitable for castors from 1.5 mm layer thickness

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WAKOL Z 675 Levelling Compound

Approach ratio:

ca. 6,0 l water + 25 kg Z 675


ca. 1,5 kg/m²/mm coating thickness


walkable after 3 hours.; deployable till 2 mm after 24 hours, till 5 mm after 48 hours

Processing time:

ca. 30 minutes


1-5 mm

Storage information:

coll and dry

Resource base:

special cement


• suitable for underfloor heating
free of solvents - TRGS 610

A plus   EC plus    Fussbodenheizung     Blaue Engel      Stuhl     RU 1

Required water quantity: ca. 6 liters water
Working time: approx. 30 minutes*
Ready for foot traffic/ can be skimmed over: walkable after 3 hours
Ready for covering: deployable till 2 mm after 24 hours, till 5 mm after 48 hours
* At 20° C and 65 % relative humidity, depending on the type of floor covering and the absorbency of the substrate.
Manufacturer: Wakol

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