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UZIN NC 111 Bi Color


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Size of trading unit: 25 kg sack

Semi-fast very smooth gypsum based levelling compound

UZIN NC 111 BiColor

Extremly smooth calcium sulphate based levelling compound, with colour indicator for readiness for covering for thicknesses up to 10 mm

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UZIN NC 111 BiColor

  • Colour indication of ready to accept floor coverings
  • Colour indication of adhesive application
  • Very low-tension
  • Very high strength

Areas of application

  • Gypsum based levelling compound with colour change to indicate readiness for covering
  • Subsequent installation of all types of resilient floor coverings
  • Subsequent installation of wood flooring, cork- and PO floor coverings after 30 hours
  • High traffic in residential, commercial, and dry industrial areas, e.g. in hospitals, high-traffic shopping centres, industrial shops (without humidity content)

Product benefits/ properties
  • Thickness range from 0 – 10 mm
  • Colourchange from green to salmon-colour
  • Very low-tension
  • Superior flow characteristics with the Level Plus Effect S

Quality seals and badges for UZIN NC 111 BiColor

  • GISCODE CP 1 - levelling compound on calcium sulphate base
  • EMICODE EC 1 PLUS - Very low-emission
  • "Blue Angel" (RAL UZ 113/low-emission and hence environmentally friendly)
   EC 1   Blauer Engeloko EPDS CElevel
Consumption: approx. 1.7 kg/m2 per mm thickness
Required water quantity: approx. 5 litres per 25 kg bag
Working temperature: 10 ° C/50 °F at floor lev
Working time: 15 - 20 minutes*
Ready for foot traffic/ can be skimmed over: after 2 hours*
Ready for covering: after approx. 8-10 hours*
* At 20° C and 65 % relative humidity, depending on the type of floor covering and the absorbency of the substrate.
Manufacturer: UZIN
Flame resistance: A1fl according to DIN EN 13 501-1
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