Pergo Sunsafe Underlay LVT Click


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Roll: 10m2

For areas that are subject to excessive direct heat or extreme temperature variations. (E. g. conservatories, glass houses or summer cabins.)

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Pergo Sunsafe, Underlay for Click Vinyl

Thickness: 1,0 mm

Lenght: 10m
Width: 1m
Colour: Red/ White
Compression strength: 400kPa
Thermal conduction resistance: 0,01 m² °K/W
Impact sound insulation: ΔLw = 15dB
Sd-Wert: >75m

Developed for use in situations with high temperature variations (e.g. convervatory).
 Suitable for installation under vinyl click floors.
 Easy installation.
 Perfect for floor heating/cooling.
 Reduces reflected walking sound and transmission sound.

Installation instructions:
1. Unfold the underlay on the subfloor. Lay the underlay strips parallel to the laying direction
2. of your Pergo® floor with the Pergo® logo on the top side. Do this strip by strip, as the laying of
your floor progresses.
3. Install the following row next to the first. Seal the joints between the underlay with a dampproof
tape in order to keep the underlay in place.
4. Make sure the underlay fits together tightly (don’t leave any gaps).
5. The VINYL Sunsafe underlay has best performance when it is used on a “perfectly” smooth and dry subfloor. When required a levelling should be applied to make the sublfloor smooth.

Sizes 10.000 x 1000 x 1,5mm
Product Code: PGVUDLSS10
Manufacturer: PERGO
Total Thickness: 1,5mm
Flame resistance: Bfl-s1 (B1)
Suitable for heating floors: ja
Thermal resistence/Underfloor heating ≤ 0,01 m²*K/W

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