Pergo Silent Walk Underlay Laminat


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Roll: 7m2

very durable and strong underlay that reduces reflected walking sound to a minimum. Also ideal to be installed above floor heating.

Thickness: 2 mm.
Material: Mineral-filled polyurethane foam.

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Pergo Silent Walk

Thickness: 2,0 mm

Lenght: 7m
Width: 1m
Colour: Black/ gold
Compression strength: 180kPa
Thermal conduction resistance: 0,01 m² °K/W
Impact sound insulation: ΔLw = 18dB
Sd-Wert: >75m

High quality Polyurethane foam underlay.
 Quality underlay for maximum reduction of reflected walking sound
 Suitable for underfloor heating & cooling
 Suitable for installation under laminate and parquet click floors.
 Easy to install

Installation instructions:
1. Lay the underlay in rows with the DampProof Membrane (side with Pergo® logo)
on the top side, parallel to the laying direction of your Pergo® floor.
2. Install the following row next to the first, as the laying of your floor progresses.
Use a damp proof tape to join the underlay together.
(When installing on a wooden subfloor, don’t tape the edges).
3. Make sure the underlay fits together tightly (don’t leave any gaps)

Sizes 7000x 1000 x 2mm
Product Code: PGUDLSW7
Manufacturer: PERGO
Total Thickness: 2mm
Flame resistance: Bfl-s1 (B1)
Suitable for heating floors: ja
Thermal resistence/Underfloor heating ≤ 0,01 m²*K/W

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