Provent Laminate Underlay


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1 Rolle: 15m²

   multifunctional underlay with ventilation feature for floating floors

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ProVent is suitable for most applications with floating floors including:
- on the concrete subfloors (ProVent was created especially for the use on concrete subfloor)
- on the ceramic tiles
- on the wooden subfloors
- over the heated floors

ProVent may be used under laminated and laminate floors as well as veneered and all engineered hardwood and coniferous floating floors. According to the experience of our distributors their customers apply ProVent under the flooring of thickness range from 6mm to 16mm.

ProVent is not suggested for use with the flooring which requires underlay with maximum of 2mm thickness.

ProVent underlay reduces dramatically the time of flooring installation. ProVent comes with a laminated vapour barrier as a part of the product. You can lay the underlay at one go unlike with the conventional underlays that require the additional installation of the vapour barrier.




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