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BONA Craft Oil 2K Invisible 1,25L


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 BONA Craft Oil 2K Invisible natural wit pur effect oil with short drying time and excellent wear-resistance. 



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BONA Craft Oil 2K Invisible 1,25L

Bona Craft Oil 2K is made from modified vegetable oils, and catalysed with a hardener for quicker drying and greater durability.
It can be used on its own as a fast-drying, high-performance oil, or combined with a lacquer from the Traffic family, to add gloss and minimise future maintenance.
The 2K oil works perfectly with a wide variety of wood species, including cherry, walnut, smoked oak and steamed beech.


  • Protection in one coat
  • Long open time and pot life
  • Good resistance against chemicals
  • Safe for application on children’s toys
Technical Data: 
  • Base: Modified vegetable oils incl. isocyanate hardener
  • Category: Hardening oil, 2-comp
  • Solids content: 96-98%
  • Drying time (until use): 12 h
  • Application tools: Rubber applicator, short-haired roller or stainless steel trowel
  • Coverage: 20 sqm/lit
Consumption: 20m²/litre depending on wood type
Required water quantity: not delute
Manufacturer: BONA
1. Using a hammer, drive an awl or screwdriver through the top and bottom of the upper container and allow the content to run into the bottom container (min. 1 minute). Remove the upper container and mix the content thoroughly.

2. Apply and distribute a thin coat of the mixed oil to the floor. On large floors work in sections and overlap wet-on-wet.
3. Allow the wood to absorb the oil for 15-30 minutes and then buff the surface with a buffing machine equipped with a red or beige pad.
4. Make another pass with more oil if required to ensure that absorbent areas are saturated.

5. Allow another 15-30 minutes of oil exposure before removing surplus oil with cotton cloths fitted under a buffing machine.

6. Buff the surface with a Bona Woolpad for a flawless finish.

7. Let surface dry at least 8 hours* (coloured oil min 12h*) before resuming foot traffic. Ensure good ventilation during application and drying.

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