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Deep-acting oil for basic treatment and care of floors, stairs, doors and furniture surfaces made of wood, cork and OSB. For interior in uncoloured or coloured.

Consumption:  1-2 coats I 40-50 g/sqm per coat (20-25 sqm/l), depending on the absorptivity of the surface

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OLI NATURA Project Oil 

  • Universal-oil - it based on linseed oil with a solid content of 60%
  • No film formation - it is drawn deeply into the wood and protects it reliably from the inside
  • Durable, dirt- and water-repellent - easy to maintain and easy to repair
  • A warm emphasising of the natural colour of the wood 
  • In nature (colourless) or coloured (intermixable)  
  • Easy-to-use formula - makes it very easy to roll, brush, and spray 
  • Efficient: 1-2 coats of 40-50 g/m² each (1 litre is sufficient for 20-25 m² per coat)
  • DIBt-certified, cobalt-/oxime-free, safety of toys DIN EN 71-3, DIN 53160 (resistant to saliva and perspiration)

OLI-NATURA Project Oil is our universal natural oil with 60% solids which was designed for an easy application also by hand. Due to its excellent auto-penetration, Project Oil is suitable for the impregnation of larger surfaces, such as parquet floors and worktops, but also for furniture and floorboards with chamfers that are normally difficult to coat or oil. One of the oil’s main characteristics is its excellent protection against water without compromising the wood’s important function of moisture regulation. Project Oil is available in 7 transparent and intermixable wood colours. An overcoating with the two-component OLI-AQUA TOP 51.20 parquet floor sealer is possible.The product


The oil is FREE of preservatives, biocides, cobalt and oxime. The cured material is safe for humans, animals and plants. It complies with DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys), DIN 53160 (resistant to saliva and perspiration) and is a building product approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).

Colors:Alaska grey, Glacier grey, Walnut, Nature/uncoloured, Smoky, Teak, Lime white, Wenge

Oli natura Natur projektöl Oli Natura Alaska grau Projektöl
NatureA01370 Alaska grey A03781
Gletschgaru_Oli Rauchgrau
Glacier grey A03780 Smoky A03782
Nussbaum_Oli_projektoel Teak_Oli
Walnut A01390 Teak A01373
Wenge_oli Weiß gekalkt
Wenge A01392 Lime white A01371

Consumption: 1L - approx. 40m2
Working temperature: min. 15 °C at ground level
Drying times: approx. 2 hours
* At 20° C and 65 % relative humidity, depending on the type of floor covering and the absorbency of the substrate.
Manufacturer: Oli Lacke

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