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1c/2c High-solid-oil for the professional basic treatment of high-traffic stairs, parquet, wood and cork floors. For interior in uncoloured or coloured.

Consumption: 1 coat I 20-40 g/sqm per coat (25-50 sqm/l), depending on the absorptivity of the surface

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OLI NATURA HS 1C/2C Professional Oil

1c/2c High-solid-oil for the professional basic treatment of high-traffic stairs, parquet, wood and cork floors. For interior in uncoloured or coloured.

  • Natural oil based on linseed oil, with a high solids content of almost 100%
  • It hardens in the wood, therefore creating a highly resistant, dirt- and water-repellent natural oil surface
  • Breathable, antistatic, easy to maintain and easy to repair  
  • Emphasising of the natural colour of the wood, natural feel and ultra matt finish - uncoloured or coloured 
  • To accelerate hardening and increase chemical resistance you can also mix the oil with OLI-NATURA HS Hardener in a 10:1 ratio
  • Processing with single-disc/rotary floor machine recommended
  • Very efficient: 1 coat with 20-40 g/m² (1 litre is sufficient for 25-50 m²)
  • DIBt-certified, cobalt-/oxime-free, safety of toys DIN EN 71-3, DIN 53160 (resistant to saliva and perspiration)

The product

Through and through naturally: Almost solvent-free high-solid oil with 98% solids, preferably for machine application on large parquet and wood surfaces. Designed for professional users who want to achieve maximum surface protection with just one application. The impregnated surfaces are antistatic, easy to clean, durably resistant to wear as well as extremely resistant to water and household chemicals. In addition to nature, a total of 11 transparent colors are offered, all of which are intermixable. The OLI-NATURA HS Professional oil can be processed optionally with the OLI-NATURA hardener (MV 10: 1) to accelerate the through-hardening and increase the chemical resistance. At the same time, an overcoating with OLI-AQUA TOP 51.20 I 2K parquet seal is possible. 

The uncoloured OLI-NATURA HS Professional Oil gives the wood a natural warm optics and haptics. The oil enhances the natural colour and grain of the wood. The coloured oils preserve the structure-picture of the wood and give the surface the desired color. They are all intermixable, so the user can also create colors themselves.

Colors:Nature/uncoloured, Alaska grey, Barrique, Basalt, Glacier grey, Walnut, Polar white, Smoky, Tobacco, Teak, Lime white, Wenge

Oli natura Natur projektöl Oli Natura Alaska grau Projektöl Basalt_oli
Nature A01375 Alaska grey A03776 Basalt A03777
Gletschgaru_Oli Rauchgrau Barrique
Glacier grey A03775 Smoky A03774 Barrique A03778
Nussbaum_Oli_projektoel Teak_Oli Polarweiß Oli Natura
Walnut A01384 Teak A1380 Polarwhite A01401
Wenge_oli Weiß gekalkt Tabak
Wenge A01388 Lime white A01376 Tobacco A03779

Naturally healthy

The oil is FREE of preservatives, biocides, cobalt and oxime. The cured material is safe for humans, animals and plants. It complies with DIN EN 71-3 (safety of toys), DIN 53160 (resistant to saliva and perspiration) and is a building product approved by the German Institute for Structural Engineering (DIBt).

Consumption: 20-40g/m2
Working temperature: min. 15 °C at ground level
Drying times: 2-3 days without hardened, 24 h with hardener
* At 20° C and 65 % relative humidity, depending on the type of floor covering and the absorbency of the substrate.
Manufacturer: OLI Natura

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